Class Descriptions

Saturday  April 1st

12:00 – 2:00 
Intensive:  Lyrical Moves    12:00 – 2:00     Kelly Howard & Mark Carpenter
Through the lens of partnered lyrical dancing, we’ll break down some interesting moves and build the techniques needed to execute them on the social floor. We’ll be getting precise and technical, looking at variations on turns, spins, and displacements.
Intensive:  Fusion Rhythms   12:00 – 2:00   Emilio Estevez
Within Fusion there are so many rhythms! We will work together on examining different genres, how the rhythms shape the music, and ideas on how to approach them within the dancing that you already know. We will breakdown at least 5 different genres to figure out how to play with each!

2:00-3:30    Lunch Discussion Panel:  Fusion Scene Hopes & Dreams
Hosted by Flouer Evelyn
What do you see the East Coast Fusion scene looking like in 5 years?  The National Scene?  What kind of music?  What kind of techniques on the dance floor?  What kind of dances happen in our cities?  Let’s inspire each other & make connections!  Open to all.

Intensive:  Isolations – Zouk vs Blues!    3:30 – 5:30    Vinnie Souza, Flouer Evelyn, Sydney Schiff
These are two dances that use isolations and shaping extensively, yet have very different ways of doing it.  We’ll cover the intricacies of both styles in depth, and by the end of class we might even be able to switch between them inside of a single dance!
Modern Range of Motion   3:30-4:30   Kelly Howard 
Expand your range of motion in this modern-focused solo class that give you valuable tools for fusion dancing. Covering balance, flexibility, and fluid movement, this class will take your dancing to the next level.
Partners in Flow     4:30-5:30    Gina Garoogian
Let’s explore what I call Partners in Flow, a mix of Fusion and Contact Improv. I look forward to taking you on a journey exploring our edges of weight sharing and fluidity with the intention of creating a little masterpiece.
Play Dancing   5:30-6:30   Shawn Hershey & Flouer Evelyn 
Ever want to do what you’re not supposed to?  Let’s break apart the rules of partner dancing by adding a little play!  Guaranteed to be something a little different 😉

Sunday  March 15th

Mini Intensive:  Foot Falls   1:00-2:30   Flouer Evelyn
We will take our time to warm up for the day, then launch into a fascinating exploration of how to use your feet across dance genres.  Did you know that where your weight is on your foot highly influences how you connect to your partner?   Lets understand this better, and refine our fusion dance choices.

2:30-3:30  Lunch:  DJ Meet-Up!  Matrix of Sound
Hosted by Jeanette Holmes
How do you make sure you don’t play basically the same song over and over?  What do you look for when you’re crafting a set? Let’s talk!
 Open to all.

Intensive:  Go with the Flow    3:30-5:30    Paula Wilson, Ken Kreshtool, & Lukas Weichert
Join Paula, Ken, and Lukas as we play with linear flow (from West Coast Swing) and circular flow (from Tango). Explore how to combine the two in fun, funky ways to add even more dynamics and variety to your Fusion!
Fusion Lifts   3:30-4:30   Emilio Estevez & Laura Bodorff 
Bring safe weight sharing and lifts to your dance! It’s exciting to explore ways to add an extra flair to your dancing and hit beautiful lines. Many of these lifts can be done with any sized person with their consent. =) It’s suggested that you bring a partner with you to practice these skills.
Dance Boxes     4:30 – 5:30   Mark Carpenter
As “fusion dancers” we get the opportunity to dance with partners coming from a wide variety of dance backgrounds. Sometimes this makes connecting as a partnership more difficult. In this class we will learn to be more flexible and creative dancers by putting fun and wacky limitations on our or our partners dancing.
Energy Work    5:30  – 6:30   Neil Benen
Working with your partner on the dance floor requires a relaxed concentration, similar to a meditative state.  Come release built up tension, then find balance & control through these Qi Gong & Tai Chi exercises.  Perfect for the end of your class weekend!