Class Descriptions

Saturday  April 1st

12:00 – 2:00 
Intensive:  Zouk Shaping    12:00 – 2:00     Tybaldt Ulrich
Coming from the perspective of having done many dances, Tybaldt will safely guide you through interesting zouk body shaping that you can add into your fusion dancing.  
Innovative Rhythms & Genres in Electronic Music  12:00 – 1:00   Justin Riley
Dropped beats, Glitch, Downtempo, Electro Folk, Dark Hip Hop, Dancehall, Flow Reggaeton, Electro-Cumbia, and much much more. This class will look at the newest and hottest musical innovations in the world today, explore the new ways in how they move and inspire us, the individuals and cultural context creating them, and the inspiring ways in which we get to move to them.


Kizomba/Argentine Tango Fusion  1:00-2:00 Heriberto Perez & Nika Obrosova
Heriberto and his partner Nika will be teaching a Kizomba Argentine tango fusion class were you will be taking some of the more advance concepts of tango and adding it to your Kizomba for more flavor. If you don’t know tango or Kizomba you will learn about the two dances and be able to start to connect the dances together and see how much fun it is to fuse them together.

2:30-3:30    Lunch Discussion:  
Fusion Question & Answer
Hosted by Justin Riley
Why do we do things the way we do in our fusion community?  What does it mean to say “yes!” to your partner?  Why do we have non-gendered bathrooms when possible?  Why do we dance to this type of music?  Why do people keep asking me if I want to lead or follow?
Come ask whatever questions you might have about fusion during this hour!

Intensive:  Traveling!    3:30 – 5:30    Campbell Miller
Dare to journey across the dance floor!  One super fun way to add dynamics to your dancing is to skillfully transition from dancing in place to traveling across the floor with just the right rhythm to match the music.  In this intensive, we’ll fine-tune the techniques you use to actively travel and turn through space so you never feel stuck in place again.
Intensive: Lyrical vs Rhythmic   3:30-5:30   Mark Carpenter 
Dive deep into the duality between rhythmic and lyrical dance movement. We’ll explore how to listen and move to each style of music, using the techniques you’ll need to communicate intricate rhythms and extended lyrical motion to your partner. In Mark’s opinion this is the single most important division in the emerging cultural standards around “fusion” come learn what all the fuss is about.
Dance Empathy   5:30-6:30   Peter Hetherington 
Each of us has, at one point or another, inadvertently crossed someone’s boundary, removed their agency or sidestepped the acquisition of an enthusiastic ‘Yes’. This has possibly happened in dancing, and inevitably in life.
This class will be a fun yet thought-provoking exploration of where consent sits in partner dancing. It will be active, physical, verbal and not-at-all a lecture. Come play with some ideas which could help you and your dance partners to have the most comfy, most consensual and consequential most enjoyable dances as we start to ask and answer “what kind of dance would You like?”

Sunday  March 15th

Mini Intensive:  Put Your Back Into It   1:00-2:30   Andrew Smith
This is a class centered around the spine and how we use it in dance to create lines, improve the control of our movement, instigate motion, and more.

3:00-4:00  Lunch Discussion: 
Styles of Dance
Heriberto Perez & Nika Obrosova
As masters of so many dance forms, Heri & Nika will take you on a journey through dance genres, demoing everything from tango & salsa to swing and ballroom.  They will also talk about the important characteristics attached to each dance and where they fit in history.  Expand your knowledge of partner dance by attending this discussion!

Intensive:  Redirecting Momentum    4:00-6:00    Flouer Evelyn & Shawn Hershey
Playing with absorbing and redirecting momentum, both as leader and follower, is one of the great joys of partner dancing.  Explore those skills in this class!


Welcome to the Club: The Fusion Club   4:00-6:00   Justin Riley

Here, fusion isn’t a Ballroom dance; rather, it’s a groove, club, and party dance.  In this class we’ll take the cultural space of a club, and add groove-based partner dance.  We’ll dance to the hottest music and rhythms being released today from around the world, and add high-level partnership to the party.  

10:00-11:00    (open to everyone!)
Fight Dancing!    10:00- 11:00   Flouer & Shawn   
Ever want to do what you’re not supposed to?  Let’s break apart the rules of partner dancing by adding a little play!  Guaranteed to be something a little different 😉