Mark Carpenter

Mark started ‘spinning’ in 2007 and has since played in a dozen states and four countries. Once an SLO native, he has been traveling the USA (and world) since 2010, playing wherever he can. He plays only the most quality songs from his eclectic musical collection and has stolen unapologetically from every great DJ, musician, or music aficionado he’s encountered. His musical offerings range from gut-wrenching blues, soul-lifting jazz, to jaw-dropping dubstep. Get excited.




Tony Sciscio
Tony dove into the deep abyss of this world they call Fusion back in 2012. It now has a firm grasp on his soul, and he has Chosen not to search for escape. He now travels between Sacramento and The Bay Area far too often in attempts to merge the dance communities (aka The Tony Express?), satisfy his cravings, and create one ginormous Fusion Family. If there is dance floor present, expect at least part of Tony’s body to be on it. If he is spinning, expect to see him chained to the DJ booth, itching for your feels. If you hear strange sounds, there’s a solid chance it will be coming from him…

Tony .


Neil Benen

Neil resides in New York City and started dancing and DJ’ing to fusion and blues about six years ago. He especially loves the challenge and excitement of spinning at fusion events! Fusion offers a vast and complex array of cultural sounds, and the electronic elements made available through modern technology have enhanced and possibly redefined what music is today. This makes listening and dancing to it, both uniquely exciting and inspiring. 


DJ with Drink 2


Jeanette Holmes

Jeanette came to fusion in 2013 from a background in blues and west coast swing, and fell in love with both the dancing and the music, especially its emphasis on exploration and experimentation.  She finagles her way into the DJ booth every chance she gets.  From NYC clubs to national events to cruise ships, she’s played just about everywhere!   She looks forward to sharing some of her favorite sounds with you!


Kathleen Evans

Kathleen discovered fusion dancing in 2012, coming into the dance with a background in blues, salsa, contra, and bhangra. Her first foundational fusion experience was at the Las Vegas Fusion Exchange, and she vowed to become a dj in part to recreate the excitement of that incredible weekend. For the past 4 years she’s honed her craft spinning at blues and fusion events in New York City, and has spun Internationally at DJX Fusion Weekend and DJX Summertime in Philadelphia, Motley Hue in NYC, and Montreal Blue Infusion. As a dj, Kathleen likes to create a mood that dancers can play with – whether playful or intense, sexy or soulful. She loves discovering new artists, and she can never resist a good cover.

Heriberto Perez
Heriberto, Eddie for short but spelled Heri, has been Djing since early 2001 he has been a dj that plays music he can dance to. Heri likes to select music based on the feeling it evokes in people and the way he sees it makes them move. Not liking when people call him a Dj – Heri really admires and respects the true dj’s that earn that name, who put the time in to really master their craft. He is constantly learning from these amazing people that truly put the time into training their masterful ear and use their equipment well. He has in his own path learned to play music people can enjoy in many different genres of dance and strives to bring both the listener and dancer new experiences on the floor.

Emily Webb

Emily Webb has been social dancing since 1997, DJing since 2012, and is the is the co-creator of Mission Fusion and Tango Atipico in San Francisco.  She never thought she would be a good DJ because she can’t remember the names of artist or songs.  Turns out one can DJ a great set without that brain function! Through thousands of hours of social dancing and organizing events Emily has fine tuned her ear to what keeps people dancing all night long.   The artistry of ordering songs, creating ebbs and flows, ups and downs, and dancer bliss is what Emily is after.  

Since 2012, Emily has DJ’ed for Fusion and Alt Tango dancers across the US and Canada. Including events such as The Portland Alt Tango Festival, Connect Tango Festival, Seattle Fusion Festival, Mission Fusion Extravaganza, and Blues Recess.

Justin Riley

Justin is obsessed with music… truly obsessed.  He can’t stop digging the internet for the newest, hottest, grimiest, tracks that the world posts day to day.  He continually strives to find new music that stretches the musical styles and aesthetics of both the dance community at large and himself.  Most recently his musical tastes have moved towards dark and boom bap hip-hip and latino and caribe-basted electronica: chill-step, glitchhop, ambient, downtempo, flow reggaeton, Cuban Hip HIp, electro-cumbia, electro-pop, dancehall, and music that you can’t help but move to.  He picks music that inspires the dancer not only rhythmically and musically, but emotionally as well. 


Andrew Smith

Andrew strives to create a diverse soundscape as a Fusion DJ, taking dancers on a journey through time and space and emotion. Andrew has DJed at events around the world, including countless Recess events, Rose City Blues, and European Blues Invasion, and has won several DJ contests and nominations. Visit for more info.