Friday Special Acts

Friday Night

Joshua Fialkoff & Shawn Hershey

 Motley Hue is partnering with Friday Night Blues NYC for a beautiful night of blues & fusion dancing.  

Joshua Fialkoff and Shawn Hershey have graced the stage of almost every national event out there, and we are lucky to have them for Motley Hue!  They will fill your hearts with the grittiness of their jazz blues music, and give you a delicious late-night vibe of melting sounds to play with. 

We will have two rooms of music going on during the main dance, so you can choose your own music adventure.  

There will be plenty of amazing music options and plenty of room to dance!

About Joshua…

Joshua Fialkoff grew up plunking away on a dusty old piano, imbibing the soulful melodies of Ray Charles, Jim Croce, Van Morrison, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald. For 20 years, his passion for music grew in fits and starts. Throughout those decades, he toured the US to play music for Swing and Blues dancers, attended music school, and wrote the occasional melody. One day, he sat down at that same piano, dusted off the memories of a childhood filled with rich music, and discovered a yearning to create and share his own music that could no longer be held at bay.

Now, after 5 years as leader and frontman of Downtown Shimmy, Joshua has split off to redefine himself and his art. In the works is a solo EP that combines his powerful vocals, artfully picked guitar, and unique piano stylings – a veritable gumbo of roots piano flavors. The album showcases Joshua’s depth as a songwriter with a bounty of new music, from the chilling “Oh Fortunate One”, a thoughtful look into privilege, to the lighthearted “I’ve Got a Letter”, a joyous celebration of getting real, old-fashioned mail.

About Shawn…

Shawn Hershey started playing the trumpet at age 9.  Originally taught by his father, Lowell Hershey, a successful NY musician, Shawn went to the “Fame” high school, attended Manhattan and Juilliard Pre-college, and eventually went to Eastman School of Music to study classical trumpet.  Forced to quit the trumpet for three years as a result of an injury to his lip, Shawn moved to Boston to work as a software developer.

Slowly Shawn regained his ability to play the trumpet at the same time as he developed an interest in swing and blues dancing.  Instead of going back to classical music, he began studying jazz more intensely.  In 2006 he created his first swing band, The Fried Bananas.  Since then he has played almost all of the Boston swing dance venues as well as dances in NYC, Connecticut, and Montreal.  In addition to playing for swing dancers, he has created a variation of the Fried Bananas to play for Blues dancers.  They have played many blues gigs including one of the biggest blues dance festivals in the US, BluesSHOUT 2011-2016, where they got rave reviews.