Our Staff!

These are just a few of the incredible creatures from around the country who are helping to make Motley Hue happen this year!


Tony Scicio 

Music Coordinator

Coming all the way from California, music was Tony’s first language. He cannot express how excited he is to excel his passion and expand his language via other musicians. He is oh-so-stoked to bring the party from one coast to the other, finally dance in New York, and all the while be part of the Motley Hue family.




Marc Longhenry

Volunteer Coordinator

A Philadelphia-based Organizing staple, Marc Longhenry has been organizing for large and small events since 2011 ranging from Blues Muse to Philly Lindy Love, and full day workshops to living room workshops and house parties.  He’ll be taking on the duty of Volunteer Coordinator for Motley Hue 2018, so sign up and help make this event a great experience for all!



Stephanie Yamamoto

Food Coordinator

From the land of the “Dry Heat” (Phoenix, AZ), Stephanie loves being influenced by dances such as lindy hop, balboa, wcs, tango, blues, hip hop, etc as both a lead and a follow. With a background in music, engineering, and taiko drumming, she aims to approach each dance as a unique experience and conversation.