Saturday White Party!

We have a some special surprises lined up for you for Saturday night!

A taste of our delicious treats:

A White Party – Dress to impress, all in white!

by all of you

Elegance, style, a little class & a little sass, thats you!  All dressed up in white, ready and waiting to soak up the splendid colors of the evening.  Ready for the next hand hold, the next footfall, the next beat falling from the speakers.  Join us for the White Party!

Tribute Show Featuring Famous Fusion Artists

by Kelly Howard

Upon collection of the deepest wubs, the dopest melody lines, the catchiest of tunes, Kelly will bring the best of the best tribute set from the fusion scene’s greatest musical artists. You’ll hear tracks from Keogh, Moo, Chance’s End, This, and more. Get excited!

Colorful Light Show

by J Munidger of Fuse Arts

We stage live sound and light performance! J’s custom designed control system makes the room literally dance along with you. Working toward his M.S. in Lighting Engineering at Penn State, J is always creating in light.

Artistic Facepainting

by Marcie Klein

Marcie Klein has been an artist all her life, moving easily between various media within the visual arts, including graphic design, oil painting, puppet making, lamp designs, and now face painting. She enjoys working with people creatively, and looks forward to painting you at Motley.