What is Motley Hue?

Motley Hue is focused on hosting events for the exploration of embodiment, connection, creativity, and partner dance.

Through our diverse offerings we hope to inspire you to improve your wellbeing through connection to your inner self, community, and spirit.

Our past…

From 2015-2020 Motley Hue was an annual fusion partner dance festival held in the heart of New York City that drew dancers and instructors from all over the world.

After Covid and many other changes, we decided to broaden the scope of our influence and deepen our values. We are now based in both Europe and the United States.

When we host dance classes, they are built on the idea of endless creativity fueled by strong technique. We prioritize opening new movement possibilities through our positive learning environment and emphasis on the individual.

Partner dance, community, personal expression, and relational connections has always been at the core of what we do.

What is Fusion Dance?

Fusion dancers use the many genres of partner dance to create personal, improvisational expressions of music. For examples of fusion dancing, check out the “Watch Us” page.

We are explorers of movement, connection & music. We are investigators and creators.

Our community is built on respect, the willingness to say “yes” to new ideas, and the freedom to color outside the lines of traditional partner dancing. Each new dance is an entire experience unto itself.

                             Be yourself… because everyone else is already taken