Cold, Breath, & Partner

Cold, Breath & Partner

An Embodiment Weekend with Kaya & Flouer

March 31-April 2  

Imagine a weekend with friends and embodiment peers sharing intense experiences together and workshopping practical ways these experiences can integrate into your daily life.  Move beyond introductory embodiment material and take the leap to go a bit further than you dared before.  All at your own pace, suitable for your life and where you need to go.  

We will introduce strong stimuli from the environment with cold exposure, breathing techniques, and other human beings through movement and relational practices.  Then we will spend time processing and applying them to your daily life.  

Meet Kaya and Flouer

Kaya Eicker is a trained Wim Hof facilitator and embodiment coach who works with helping people navigate life with more ease by learning to regulate their nervous systems when exposed to extreme stimuli.

Flouer Evelyn is a partner dance instructor and embodiment coach who helps people work on navigating their relationships to other human beings through their bodies.


Between 5-15 participants, all people with experience in the broadly defined area of embodiment practices. We expect friends and friends of friends to this weekend, and chances are if you are reading this you are in one of our communities and are welcome.
Is this weekend right for you… Have you been working directly with Embodiment? Have you done cold exposure or breathwork before? Are you experienced in an embodied practice such as meditation, partner dance, ecstatic dance, or martial arts, and looking to broaden your horizons? If you have questions, please contact or

Arrival: 14:00 on Friday, March 31
Departure: 17:00 on Sunday, April 2

Details to be determined, but facilitated activities will include breathwork, traveling together to a natural body of water for cold exposure, and a deep dive into partner work with leader-follower activities from multiple angles.

There is an option to stay for Sunday and/or Thursday night. If enough people stay, we will decide as a group if we want to have free time on Sunday evening, or if we would like to have more activities together.

Meals are provided by the venue and included in the price. Please let us know when you register about dietary needs.

Sliding Scale: 

€250-€350 for a shared room
€280-€380 for a single room
€310-€410 for a single person in a double room
(single rooms are sold out!)

**Kaya & Flouer are hoping to only reimburse most of their personal costs for this workshop, so have priced this weekend as low as possible.  Any extra you can give above the base price goes straight to covering our travel & rooms for the weekend. 

    A beautiful new retreat center in the black forest just outside of Freiburg, Germany.

    Questions? Reach out at or