Consent Workshop

Sunday Workshop w/ Jonathan Janis

Sunday, March 31st, 10-11pm

Consent Practices on the Dance Floor

We have moved this workshop from Friday to Sunday, and have made it free with admission to the Sunday dance.
Our hope is that it is more easily accessible to everyone.

Jonathan Janis is a movement educator interested in the power of ritual, the mind and body, healing, and humans’ ability to shape their lives & movement. 

This workshop is an unstructured dive into verbal consent as a groundwork for touch and partner dance. Leading with questions and exercises, Jonathan will hold a space for you to discover and hold sacred the value of another person alongside your own desire. We will learn together how to navigate a space that can be taken for granted and laden with social, physical, and aesthetic assumptions. Come willing and ready to actively investigate your internal assumptions and prejudices, so to find dance connection anew. This workshop has had powerful effects when offered in the past.

 Consent has become a deep topic around the world in the last two years. Take this opportunity to investigate yourself for personal growth.