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Wednesday 3/25, 11:00 – 6:00
Thursday 3/26, 11:00 – 6:00
Friday 3/27, Noon – 4:00

106 Calyer Street
Brooklyn | NY | 11222

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Tier 1 Extra Early Birds: $227 (until Dec 31st)

Tier 2 Early Birds: $257 (until Jan 31st)

Tier 3 Regular Birds: $287 (until Feb 29th)

Tier 4 Late Birds/ $317 (until March 24th)

At the Door: $347

More Testimonials

Ted and Emily bring together a vibrant mixture of engaging technique with a huge splash of real talk.  Their candid approach to feedback and ability to adapt on the fly is unparalleled. Taking meta workshop on teaching how to teach better will change your teaching game, full stop.

— Kelly Howard, Oakland CA

Ted and Emily do a great job of distilling their years of experience down to bite-sized, time-blocked, and effectively communicated pieces.  10 out of 10, I would take their classes again!

— Maggie Moreno, San Francisco CA

Emily and Ted are awesome and fantastic teachers.  I enjoyed getting a ‘behind the scenes’ peek at their teaching process. I learned a lot and look forward to incorporating many golden nuggets of wisdom into my teaching practice.

— Gem Chien, Sunnyvale, CA