Bo Marchman

Raised in the Durham blues and fusion scene, Bo has spent the last several years traveling, dancing and collecting music around the world. Drawn to organic rhythms, percussive beats and candlelit voices, he weaves traditional sounds and contemporary genres together into an intimate dance experience. Currently based in Philadelphia, he has spun tunes for international fusion events and won the DJ battle at the DJ Experiment in 2017.
Jeanette Holmes

Jeanette came to fusion in 2013 from a background in blues and west coast swing, and fell in love with both the dancing and the music, especially its emphasis on exploration and experimentation. She finagles her way into the DJ booth every chance she gets. From NYC clubs to national events to cruise ships, she’s played just about everywhere! She looks forward to sharing some of her favorite sounds with you!
Dave Warner

One of North Carolina's most sought-after blues and fusion DJs, Dave Warner is a frequent guest DJ at DJX Fusion Weekend in Philadelphia, has played dance events in Las Vegas, Denver, Charleston, and Nashville, and is a mainstay at events in Virginia Beach. He has built a reputation as a DJ with a knack for keeping late night dances alive, and he constantly goes digging for new releases from veteran performers and emerging artists alike to keep his sounds fresh and keep dancers connected to the music.

Kathleen Evans

Kathleen discovered fusion dancing in 2012, coming into the dance with a background in blues, salsa, contra, and bhangra. Her first foundational fusion experience was at the Las Vegas Fusion Exchange, and she vowed to become a dj in part to recreate the excitement of that incredible weekend. For the past 4 years she’s honed her craft spinning at blues and fusion events in New York City, and has spun Internationally at DJX Fusion Weekend and DJX Summertime in Philadelphia, Motley Hue in NYC, and Montreal Blue Infusion. As a dj, Kathleen likes to create a mood that dancers can play with – whether playful or intense, sexy or soulful. She loves discovering new artists, and she can never resist a good cover.

Tony Sciscio

Tony dove into the deep abyss of this world they call Fusion back in 2012. It now has a firm grasp on his soul, and he has Chosen not to search for escape. He now travels between Sacramento and The Bay Area far too often in attempts to merge the dance communities (aka The Tony Express?), satisfy his cravings, and create one ginormous Fusion Family. If there is dance floor present, expect at least part of Tony’s body to be on it. If he is spinning, expect to see him chained to the DJ booth, itching for your feels. If you hear strange sounds, there’s a solid chance it will be coming from him…

Neil Benen

Neil resides in New York City and started dancing and DJ’ing to fusion and blues about seven years ago. He especially loves the challenge and excitement of spinning at fusion events! Fusion offers a vast and complex array of cultural sounds, and the electronic elements made available through modern technology have enhanced and possibly redefined what music is today. This makes listening and dancing to it, both uniquely exciting and inspiring.

Erin June

Erin’s love of music began early, surrounded by a family of rock and roll musicians. Her love of dance began in her early 20s with the rhythms of salsa. Since then, her infatuation with different music and dance styles continues to expand as she explores as many partner and solo dance styles as she can make time for. As a DJ, she loves to include this range of flavours. She loves emotive music that pulls on the heartstrings as well as rhythmic beats that demand a booty shake. Erin has been DJing for Dance Alchemy in Toronto since its conception over five years ago and has DJ'd at dance events around Canada and the US.
Rising Star DJ Award!

Stephanie Yamamoto

Stephanie fell in love with partner dance in 2009 after discovering east coast swing and lindy hop. Since discovering fusion, her style has grown to encompass influences from balboa, west coast swing, blues, tango, and hip hop (among others), as both a lead and a follow.
In addition to her dance background, Stephanie brings with her experience organizing a local weekend event (Phoenix Fusion Experience) and the fusion house party scene in Phoenix, AZ. Now based out of Seattle, she has enjoyed DJing house parties and local venues alike. She loves traveling to explore new dance scenes and is ecstatic to be part of the Motley Hue DJ team. With a background in music, engineering, and taiko drumming, she approaches each dance and DJ set as a unique experience and opportunity for both verbal and nonverbal conversation.