Education Tracks

Track A
In this track we will be teaching at an average pace, diving deep but taking time to make sure that concepts sink in, and skills are mastered. This track is designed for all participants. If you want to learn some skills at a steady pace this weekend, this is the track for you! It is for someone who wants to learn but mostly takes classes a few times a year at large weekend events. Someone who loves to dance, but does not dedicate a ton of time to practicing skills outside of social dances. Someone who has perhaps not been dancing for very long, or who dances another style and just started their fusion journey.

Fusion Forward
In this track we will be pushing students hard, expecting intense engagement from students physically and mentally, and moving quickly through material. This track is for the more dedicated dancer, with a significant amount of skills in at least one area. This person has been dancing in at least one form of dance for several years, has invested in their learning, and has spent time outside of social dances intentionally practicing. They might be involved in their local scene as an organizer or instructor.

The Fusion Forward Track is by application or audition only. If you wish to be considered as part of this track, please fill out this google form below. If there are any spots left in the track, we will also hold auditions on Friday night at the dance around 8pm (details announced closer to the date).

This application form will close on: Thursday March 21st.  

Details about your placement will come no later than Thursday March 28th.

What is our theory behind having Two Tracks?
In the past, we have focused on bringing you a variety of classes from teachers in multiple dance forms, most of which could be considered “taster” classes in a style for exposure. At this point, many of our dancers have been exposed to many things, and the next step is to offer deeper experiences with dedicated fusion instructors. Because of that, we are almost exclusively offering “intensive” classes this year.
We know that there are many types of learners, skill levels, and reasons for wanting to take dance classes. Our mission is to push the genre of fusion dance and we aim at honoring each individual in their own path. Obviously, we cannot possibly match every individual’s dance goals with a limited ticket price, but we can try to give a shot at something for everyone by offering at least two different ways of attending classes this year.

When putting this track together, we recognize that it is impossible to be 100% accurate when trying to group people together with like interests and skills (unless we are trying to create cookie cutter dancers and every dancer has the same access to the same curriculum at all times). We can only do our best with what we have, knowing that there will always be variety, which is what makes our scene so vibrant and interesting!

Plans for future years:
Ideally, we would like to have 3 tracks of classes at Motley Hue so that everyone has more choices for their learning! If we are able to grow by 15 people this year in class attendance, next year we will have the financial stability to reach our goal. We would like to have a full day Saturday intensive based on fusing a style of dance of your choice. For the future of fusion!