Food Options



Here are a few New Yorker tips on how to find food in the city…

Here are a few websites/mobile apps that will allow you to quickly order food for delivery or pick-up:

Don’t forget to ask your friends/New York natives! A lot of us live/work near the venues, and can probably give you some advice.

Lunch During Classes

There is a half hour lunch break on Saturday & Sunday (with discussions to eat your lunch during afterwards).   We encourage you to have a game plan in mind on where to get your food!

You can order food for yourself and your friends before class starts, and either have it delivered straight to the studio registration desk (use your credit card to pay please), or ask the restaurant to have it ready for you when you get out! Then you can bring it back to the studio, relax and join the discussions.  🙂

Here are a few suggestions of fast, inexpensive, and delicious food near Chelsea Studios: