Global House Party

Saturday March 28th!
3:00pm-3:00am EST (NYC)

Use this radio player to listen all day long!
If you click the little arrows making a box on the upper right corner, on a computer browser it will pop out so you can continue browsing while listening. On a phone browser it will open in a separate browser page.

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Use the “artist appreciation thread” to give shout-outs to the DJs playing. We encourage you to post pictures and videos of you rocking out to the music. It will keep our music makers fueled by receiving acknowledgement for what they are doing.

Join our Zoom link to say “hi” or share your living room dancing:

If you are enjoying the music, consider donating to our fundraiser to help us recoup costs and pay the artists that are playing today:

We will start the day off with online classes from our Motley Hue Instructors, then launch into Fusion vibes from Europe! We have over four countries representing.
LIVE MUSIC from Alan Markley of “Plastic Cannons” will be introducing the music of NYC, followed by our DJs from the East Coast.
Moving on down we will have LIVE MUSIC from Josh Gronner of “Laughing Matters”, which kicks off the music from our West Coast DJs who carry us home.

Check out our full schedule here:

Alan Markley – Plastic Cannons (NYC)

Josh Gronner – Laughing Matters (SF)