Housing Registration

Whether you’re hosting or looking to be hosted, it’s a surefire way to meet and get to know other dancers, and create long-lasting friendships.  For more information, please click the appropriate link below.

Housing registration will close on:    

Housing is Closed, Thanks!

HOSTS: For each out-of-town guest that you host, you will receive $5 off your admission! (Sorry, offer only applies to hosts who sign up through the official form below; requests for specific matches are not guaranteed). To sign up, click here.

GUESTS: You must fill out the form no later than Wednesday March 8th, or we won’t be able to help you find a spot.  If you have not received a confirmation email by Monday, March 11, then we do not have you in the system and you have not registered for housing. (Housing is only available to attendees who have officially registered for the event. To register, click here.)




If you have missed the housing registration deadline, don’t worry – you still have options! You can ask for help finding a host on the Facebook event page, or visit our Hostels page for information on other affordable options.