“Authentic Connections” Zouk-Fusion Retreat

Nov. 12-14, 2021

A weekend away in the mountains to focus on connecting to ourselves and others.

On our first Motley Hue Retreat we will be adventuring to the mountains of Switzerland near lake Brienz.
Our home and dance floor for three days will be a gorgeous retreat center with panoramic views.

We will be combining Zouk & Fusion dance, great music, body based meditations, authentic connecting games, group activities, and spending time in nature. We’ll celebrate with all sorts of beautiful hippie heart-opening vibes!

We are pleased to be joining forces with the dancers of the ZoukEnergy Retreats. These Zouk dancers are into creative expression and dynamic connection, eager to explode their boxes through fusion. In order to integrate well we will be offering half of our tickets to fusion dancers and half to zouk dancers.

What is Zouk?
Zouk is a Brazilian partner dance form with a grounded steady rhythm and upper body movements. With its flow and avenues for creativity, it fits well into fusion dance and can be very fun to add to your repertoire. We will be focusing on the Rio genre of Brazilian Zouk. Read about it. Watch it.

You do not need to know any Zouk to attend the retreat!
The goal of this retreat is to find deep connections through new experiences. We will teach you what you need to know once you get there. If you are interested in learning some Zouk before hand, reach out through email and we’ll work to either connect you to a group in your area or offer you online lessons. If you are near Zurich there will be a workshop with both instructors before the event. Stay tuned for those details.

  • New to some things on the schedule? Here are some more details…
  • What is “Authentic Connections”?
    • Authentic Connections is our own brand of a mixture of authentic relating games and partner dance connection games. For some things you will be talking, and other things you will be moving. You will be getting to know the others in the group, listening to your own body and being genuine with how you want to respond. You are learning to be fully present with others by fully being yourself.
  • Why start with “Meditations”?
    • Meditations are one of the best ways to get to know yourself better, and a wonderful way to set the stage for a retreat like this. It is a powerful tool to reset our nervous systems and prepare ourselves for approaching the world with more openness. We are very lucky to be meditating outside at this retreat, which can add a layer of depth to the experience.
    • If you have never meditated before, don’t worry! It is a whole world that we will just dip our toes in. We guarantee that it is not just a “boring hour where you sit still”. Bring a willingness to give it a go and we will guide you through the whole process and help you with any questions you have. And of course, everything we do is always optional, you are the boss of your experience.
  • What is a Cacao Ceremony?
    • A Cacao Ceremony is a beautiful ritual where we sit together and drink very high quality chocolate before dancing. In many South American cultures the cacao plant is considered a sacred healing medicine that opens the heart. From a western perspective, cacao helps to strengthen awareness and focus because it is packed full of vitamins and minerals and increases blood flow to the brain. It helps the body to heal, detoxify and to give your immune system a good boost.
  • Some Event Details…
  • Accommodations: This is an all inclusive event with a variety of sleeping options listed on the registration page.
  • Food: The kitchen is completely organic and sourced from their very own permaculture farm. In addition to our regular meal times there is an organic tea station and self service snack bar open 24 hours a day.
  • Extra Nights: It is possible to stay at the venue for Thursday and Sunday nights. Send us an email if you would like to do this and we’ll send you the rates.
  • Carpooling: If you are able to offer a ride to those without cars or from out of town, that would be very welcome. If you are coming from outside of Switzerland or need a ride, let us know and we expect to be able to help you out.
  • Cancelation policy: We will only cancel the event if required to by law or our venue (and we aren’t able to find another venue solution). If we are forced to cancel we will either refund everything but our processing fees, or give you full credit for future events/dance privates/classes.

Email with any questions.