Teacher Training for Dancers

Teacher Training Intensive, featuring Emily Webb and Ted Maddry, with special guest Andrew Sutton
Rock your classes and leave your students craving more.

When: March 25-27 (Pre-Motley Hue)
Brooklyn, NY

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Whether you’re new to teaching or a seasoned instructor, this intensive is for you. This training is great for all types of movement based classes and classroom instructors. Helping people learn is a passion of both Ted and Emily’s. Come benefit from their 20 plus years of collective experience across disciplines and learn some of their greatest teaching magic. Practice your teaching with professional help to spot mistakes you might not even be aware of and correct them in the moment so your students get the best version of you.

 In this workshop you will:

  • Teach using accelerated learning methods. 
    • Learn techniques and drills to keep your students engaged and teach to all learning styles at once so your students learn faster and retain more.
  • Refine your communication. 
    • Identify language that interrupts learning. Key into different personalities and learning styles and how to connect with all of them, so your students feel like you know’ them more than any other teacher. 
  • Animate your voice and body language. 
    • Find the full range of your authentic voice so students can’t wait to hear what you have to say next.
  • Expand your dynamic energy range. 
    • Learn tricks to manage large class sizes so large classes run as smoothly and effectively as small ones.  
  • Tune into your class so your class is tuned into you. 
    • Learn to manage the energy in the room, pace the timing of the class, and teach to mixed levels in a way that ensures your material is landing.  
  • Curate community. 
    • Learn to create a fun and friendly learning environment that makes all your students feel welcomed and valued. 
  • Alway be confident in front of your class. 
    • Create teaching plans and curriculum so that you are prepared for class and also have the ability to adapt to the changing needs of a class. Develop techniques that encourage your students to respect you and see you as a valuable teacher.
  • Develop your style. 
    • Develop your teaching “brand” so students flock to your classes. 

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Meet your Trainers

Emily Webb

Emily’s teacher trainings are top notch and create high impact learning for students of all levels. Emily began teaching in 1995 and has completed more than 8 teacher trainings in and out of dance. She is a certified instructor of Krav Maga (martial art) and has an undergraduate degree with a specialty in teaching. Emily continues her love of learning today by studying dance and body movement with some of the top dance professionals in the world.

Through years of study and teaching experience Emily has developed accelerated learning methods that can help you make even the most foreign and complex movements simple for your students.  Emily’s classes you will help your students learn faster, retain more information and have fun doing it!

 “Emily Webb is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and I’ve been taking classes in yoga and dance for over 14 years!”  

– Stewart Alsop, San Francisco

“’AWESOME workshop! Thank you so much, I’ve been to other lessons before, and Emily Webb was exceptionally good at explaining everything, as well as watching the class to give constructive feedback. It was great!”

– Lauren Peters, NYC

Ted Maddry

Ted Maddry started teaching dance in 2007, but he’s a born teacher. Ted runs a fun, lighthearted classroom and delights in working with first-time dancers, international instructors, and the range in between.

Ted’s greatest passion is training instructors to teach whatever they teach more effectively. Does your community have new instructors seeking training? Are you an established educator who is fantastic at what you teach, but sometimes struggle at how to teach it? Are you an international instructor who wants to invest in your pursuit of mastering the classroom (and the stage)? Ted can help with all three.

 While he most frequently works with movement-based instructors, he has also helped academic instructors ranging from kindergarten, to middle school mathematics, to collegiate science.

“Ted’s classes are one of the most effective ways I’ve found to improve one’s teaching. This is saying a lot considering that for the last 8 years I have traveled all over the world, teaching in 40+ countries, attending/teaching at 40+ workshops per year, and having taken from virtually every big name Swing dance instructor in the world (usually multiple times). Those of you who know me, know that I take teaching dance very very seriously. So when I say Ted’s classes are effective, this is coming from someone who has done his homework.”

 -Andrew Sutton

Andrew Sutton

While Andrew started out as one of the “yank-you-around” dancers people avoided like the plague, he went on to teach & research dance in over 236 cities across 38 countries, win 2nd place in the World Lindy Hop Championships (a big thank you to his many world class teachers, including some Olympic & MLB/NFL coaches), co-run the largest fusion event in the world, & has even had the honor of training some of the world’s top Fusion instructors.

While these accomplishments have all helped develop Andrew’s “Dance Ninjas” teaching methodology, maybe what’s even more relevant for you is what he’s done for his teacher/clients (aka: what he can do for you). He’s helped teachers drastically improve & get rave reviews on their lessons, triple the size of their dance scenes in less than 90 days, go from 0 to 40 students in less than 1 month, travel the world teaching dance, get hired by the biggest national dance events, make over $90,000 in a single year, & much more. In summary, Andrew loves helping people become kick-ass successful teachers as he believes they are the lifeblood of dance!

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