Tinto de Fusion

Tinto de Fusion
October 19-23, 2023
Southern Spain


(Español Abajo)

You look up as you pass through the huge gray metal gate at the large estate.  You’ve just driven through the Spanish countryside to get here, you just passed the medieval town to your left and there is a gorgeous hill with proper ruins behind you.  You have arrived to your new home for the next four days.  

Looking ahead, there will be dancing.  There will be hugs.  There will be friendships and connections lost and found from people all over the world.  All to the soundtrack of excellent music… both live and DJd.

Welcome to “Tinto de Fusion”, meaning the “Color of Fusion” in Español.  During the summer, Valencian locals enjoy a drink called “Tinto de Verano” or the “Color of Summer”.  It’s cool, refreshing and sweet, reminding you of days lazing on the beach.  

This event is a very special and unique collaboration by Flouer Evelyn and Justin Riley.  It is a mix of Tinto de Recess of past years by Justin (which we are using the same spectacular venue as!), Flouer’s Motley Hue events in New York City, and a weekend Fusion workshop retreat with Justin and Flouer.  There will be communal meals and lodging, dancing until sunrise with Recess magic, as well as a few hours of Fusion dance workshops each afternoon.  This is a residential event, and will all be hosted at our venue location with a mix of camping and paid bed options.  

The historic countryside schoolhouse will look familiar to those of you who were at EBX or Tinto de Recess.  Expect a wide array of music from blues, soul, funk, hip hop, dance hall, latin, to electronic, and everything in between.  

There are beds and meal tickets available for an extra cost, otherwise camping is included with the purchase of an event ticket.

MORE INFO: Check out the More Information section at the bottom of this page. 

Al pasar por la enorme puerta gris de metal del extenso dominio, levantas la vista para contemplar la grandeza de tu entorno. Has conducido a través del campo español para llegar aquí, has pasado por el pueblo medieval a tu izquierda y hay una hermosa colina con ruinas detrás de ti. Has llegado a tu nuevo hogar para los próximos cuatro días.

Mirando hacia adelante, habrá bailes, abrazos, amistades y conexiones perdidas y encontradas de personas de todo el mundo. Todo al ritmo de excelente música en vivo y de DJ.

Bienvenido a “Tinto de Fusión”, que se traduce adecuadamente como “Color de Fusión” en Español. Durante el verano, los lugareños valencianos disfrutan de una bebida refrescante conocida como “Tinto de Verano”, que encarna la esencia de la temporada con su sabor fresco, dulce y evocador de los días de playa.

Este evento es una colaboración muy especial y única entre Flouer Evelyn y Justin Riley. Es una mezcla del pasado evento “Tinto de Recess” de Justin (¡en el mismo espectacular lugar!), los eventos “Motley Hue” de Flouer en la ciudad de Nueva York y un retiro de talleres de fusión durante un fin de semana con Justin y Flouer. Habrá comidas y alojamiento comunales, bailes hasta el amanecer con la magia de Recess, así como algunas horas de talleres de danza de fusión cada tarde. Este es un evento residencial que se llevará a cabo en nuestra ubicación de alojamiento, con una combinación de opciones de camping y camas pagas.

La histórica escuela rural les resultará familiar a aquellos de ustedes que estuvieron en EBX o Tinto de Recess. Esperen una amplia variedad de música, desde blues, soul, funk, hip hop, dance hall, latin, hasta electrónica, y todo lo que haya en el medio.

Hay camas y tickets de comida disponibles por un costo extra, de lo contrario, el camping está incluido con la compra de un ticket de evento.

MÁS INFORMACIÓN: Revisa la sección “Más Información” al final de esta página.

Event Schedule

(All times heavy on the “ish” for this event!)

  • Thursday Event Arrival Information: 
    • Dinner and opening circle at 7pm. Feel free to arrive anytime after 4pm, but know that we’ll joyfully ask (and expect) you to help us set up! Music starts at 9pm. 
  • Daily Meal Times: 
    • (All heavy on the “ish”) 11:30am brunch, 8:30pm dinner, 1:30am late night snack.
  • Daily Dance Workshops with Justin Riley and Flouer Evelyn:  
    • 1pm – 4:30pm Friday and Saturday.  Sunday 1pm – 3pm.
  • Dancing Nightly: 
    • 9:30pm to when we stop. With venue changes and transitions.
  • Sunday Before Dinner:
    • All-Hands Cleanup. Everyone will pitch in to help clean-up the site, pack the bus, and tidy up our collective mess collectively. Many hands make light, short, and fun work!
  • Monday Noon: 
    • We miss you already, thanks for the beauty! Now let’s clean up!
  • What do do with the rest of your time?
    • Skill-shares, discussions, basking in the sun, and indulging in lazing in the Spanish atmosphere before a long night of dancing.  

Event Pricing​​

**Food Co-op Prices:
€45 Event Meal Plan = food for the entire event.  
(All meals will have Gluten free and vegan options)

  • €40 for a bunk bed for the entire event!
  • €155 Low-Income Ticket
  • €175 Mid-Low Income 
  • €215 Mid Income Ticket
  • €265 Upper Income 
  • €315 Benevolent Gentry Ticket

Can’t Afford A Low-Income Ticket? Submit a scholarship form during registration!

​​How to Get There

Offer or look for a ride to/from the event on our Rideshare Board!  
ES: Oferta o busca un paseo a/desde el evento aquí!

Car Rental: Car rental’s in Spain are dirt cheap!   Check out car rentals at www.skyscanner.com wherever you are flying into, and then fill your car with your friend’s flying in around the same time!   

​Para llegar por coche/ to arrive by car: Just follow this GPS location of the venue: Con un GPS el lugar es aqui

Public Transport 
If you are arriving in Alcaraz via bus and need someone to pick you up at the bus stop, post on the facebook group when you get in AND give us a call/text. Otherwise it is a 30 minute walk to the venue from Alcaraz. 

From Valencia by Public Transport
From Valencia there are buses that go until Alcaraz provided by Alsa: www.alsa.es 
ES: Desde Valencia hay autobuses que van hasta Alcaraz de la compañía Alsa:  www.alsa.es

From Madrid by Public Transport
From Madrid you can get a train (www.renfe.com) or bus (www.alsa.es) to Albacete, and from there a bus from Albacete to Alcaraz  (www.emisalba.com).
ES: Desde Madrid habría que coger un tren (www.renfe.com) o autobús (www.alsa.es)  Madrid – Albacete, y desde allí un autobús Albacete-Alcaraz  (www.emisalba.com).

More Information / Guide to this Event

Welcome to Tinto de Fusion!  We are so glad you are here.  Here are a few details that will help you plug into the event. 

This event is not run by some huge production company; It is run and produced by us all! Every single person who registers will work at least one volunteer shift during the event. You will get to choose where you plug in: working in the kitchen, building one of our structures, helping folks register and find their way around, creating an enchanted ambiance for the dances, supporting all our hard-working volunteers…whatever you decide, you’ll be helping to make the event magic happen.  Justin’s Recess fusion festivals have required volunteering for years, and many participants tell us that their volunteer shift was a highlight of their experience. You’ll get to hang out with people you may never have otherwise met, and most importantly you’ll have an opportunity to spend time in genuine service to your community.  You will have the opportunity to opt-in to a volunteer shift and crew of your choosing at Brunch and Dinner announcements. 

What to Bring

  • Essentials:  Sun screen, bug spray, and clothes to be in the sun during the day and to stay warm dancing outside on chilly evenings.
  • Party gear:  In the evenings we will dress up a bit wild, a bit crazy.  Feel free to bring any clothes or makeup that you feel amazing in, while keeping in mind that we will mostly be outside.  
  • Multiple Types of Shoes to dance in:  We’ll be dancing on all types of surfaces, from hardwood floors, to concrete, to packed dirt and grass.
  • Snacks: If you buy meal shares we will feed you three meals a day plus snacks, (with vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and meat options). If you have other allergies or dietary restrictions you will have a chance at online checkout to let us know what they are.  It’s probably a good idea to bring some of your own food regardless of whether you buy meal shares.

More General Info

  • Accessibility Statement: dancing on marble and hardwood floors, no steps to dance spaces, sleeping quarters up a flight of stairs.  Electricity and running water easily available in party and living spaces.
  • Refund Policy:  We provide full refunds for all full event tickets up until the event begins, minus our processing fees. We do not provide refunds on food or bed tickets that are requested after Monday, noon CET, the week leading up to the event. Email Justin at Rileyjus@gmail.com for refund requests.
  • Feeling Comfortable:  If attending involves sharing space with someone who has transgressed your boundaries and you do not feel safe, we want to know. Email rileyjus@gmail.com. We will do the best we can to make our event an accessible space for you.
  • Choice On The Dance Floor: In our spaces it is standard to ask “What role would you like to dance?”, “would you like to lead” or “would you like to lead switch,” as opposed to “would you like to dance.”  If you do not already have a well-developed dance relationship with that partner, try and be specific about what dance role you would like to have, and try not to make assumptions. ​
  • Photography: Photography is welcome and encouraged.  However, photography is not allowed in any spaces where there are nude bodies or of people whom indicate that they would like to not be photographed.  We ask that all photographers ask before taking someone’s picture, and if requested, agree to take down any posted photo after the fact, without question. 
  • Safe Questions Box: Every event has a box for anonymous questions, comments, etc.  Every question put in the box will be announced publicly to the event.  If you have a question, many people probably have the same.  If you do not want it to be announced, and you just want to inform us of something, please note this in your comment. 
  • Sleeping in Your Car/Caravan: of course you can. 

Skillshares & Classes
Skillshares are a celebrated part of our event.  There will be time and space for you to lead a session or learn cool things from your friends.  Dance class, plant walk, philosophical discussion, massage circle, board game, sing along, you name it. Skill Shares will be announced at meal times and then posted on the Community Board in the central community space on site.

Dance Classes with Justin and Flouer: There will be multiple hours of Fusion Dance classes offered by Justin Riley and Flouer Evelyn during the day.  

What is the event food Co-op?
Everyone who wants to eat with us can buy a food share and our kitchen team will pool all the cooperative food funds and volunteer labor to provide totally awesome meals made with the most fresh, local and organic food possible. Vegan and gluten-free options will be available at every meal.

Questions? Contact events@motleyhue.org or Rileyjus@gmail.com

Registration Link: https://imput.typeform.com/to/fkmBR7Jp